“Work is Love made visible”
– Kahil Gibran

Live Power Community Farm offers the opportunity for elementary and secondary school classes to spend a few days on a working family farm. Since 1984, we have been the hosts for approximately 10 class visits a year, mostly, but not solely, from Waldorf schools and ranging from 1st- to 10th-grade classes, with some students returning one or more times during their school years.

Our goal during the children’s visits is to help them encounter and begin to form a relationship with the earth’s life, as expressed by the many different plants and animals that constitute the farm, and to afford them an opportunity to develop hands-on skills that give them a sense of the meaning of practical, productive work.

As farmers, we surround ourselves with plants and animals to which we contribute our time and energy. In caring for their needs and lives we become acquainted with their characters, qualities, and expressions. They provide our food and medicine and equally, or perhaps more importantly, they provide our inspiration.

Every plant and animal on the farm provides food or manure or nectar or shelter or something for another. The farm is a vast and constant interchange; a realm of sharing, giving, and serving. As farmers we become conscious participants in this exchange. We can bring water or manure where it is needed. We can prune or weed or protect. If this husbandry is performed carefully and thoughtfully, the plants and animals willrespond bountifully.

We hope to imbue the students who visit our farm with a sense of this interconnectedness.