“I have admired your work from afar, having been introduced to you through an article in the Biodynamic Journal from about 1987. One of our garden members showed me the article during our first season as we were talking with our supporters about the kind of community supported farm we hoped to create. The impression of your work has been one flower in the bouquet that we gathered in the early years to inform and shape our own effort. So it was particularly wonderful for us to visit and meet you on a day that was ‘under the glow of a double rainbow.’ Sitting in your kitchen, one could feel the joy of the many children who have been introduced to healthy eating and healthy growing on your farm. We share a similar value of homemaking as an essential ingredient in education and farming!”
Verna Kragnes, Board Member, Yggdrasil Land Foundation
Founder, Philadelphia Community Farm, Osceola, WI

“Thank you for making a stand and being such an inspirational force. The connection to food and cultivation of life you demonstrate moves me to my core.”

Gregory, Redwood Valley, CA

“We made it!…All is as I remember – and better. So many projects you have completed! Bravo! Food so good. We love you so. Thank you for all the years – all the food, your dear hearts.”

Rosamond and Douglas, Willits, CA

“We love Live Power! Thank you so much for having us, inviting us to the delicious potluck and letting us help with the animal chores! We are so grateful for the food you provide us with and now we feel even more connected to you and this farm, these animals, and fields! Thank you.”

Ghita, Scott, Anala, Divi, and Kainna, San Francisco, CA

“I can’t stay away from this farm for too long without feeling a void inside of me. When I am here I feel grounded and connected to the food that I eat and the people that grow it. I had a great weekend dancing, eating pancakes, sleeping in the barn and laughing with you all. I love you!”
Lizzy Myers, San Francisco, CA