“Fifteen years ago, I arrived at the Decaters’ farm. I was young and extremely idealistic without the slightest clue about farming, but with a willingness to work hard. From the Decaters I learned all the essentials of life on a farm, from animals and vegetables to the anguish and joy of living and working with other people and integrating children into all of this. Still today when I am canning tomatoes, I see Gloria’s hands in my own. My hope is that the life I live today expresses my gratitude.”
Jolynn Siller, Former Apprentice

“I went to the Decaters’ a young naive Berkeley graduate. By the time I left I learned that it is possible to follow one’s ideals. It was at LPCF I met my wife. Today I have 3 young children, live in a house I built myself, and make my living baking bread from my home. The Decaters are my inspiration. What more can I say?”
Saul Schwartz, Former Apprentice

“At LPCF I learned about believing in ideas and in having the conviction to follow through on them, how to harness a horse, how to plant a pea, and how to rake hay. At LPCF I learned how to farm.”
Jennifer Greene, Former Apprentice
Founder, Windborne Farm, Grain and Bean CSA, Ft. Jones, CA

“Back at the Spring 2012 BDANC gathering at Marnie and Lisa’s farm, I first met Luke Frey. After looking the 2012 Apprentice crew up and down, he said, “You guys don’t know it yet, but the next year at Live Power is gonna change your lives.” Luke’s words have stayed with me throughout the season and ring true today – on the eve of my departure back home to Missoula, Mt. The past 9 months have taught me about perseverance, patience, honesty, and commitment. Steve and Gloria – your guidance this season has made my “true north” a bit more clear in the journey of life. I can’t thank ya’ll enough for your love this year – best wishes on into the future – May the force be with you. “
Gabe Doherty, 2012 Apprentice, Missoula, Mt

“Thank you, thank you, thank you… Words seem small and inadequate in describing how grateful I find myself here, reflecting on the gift of this past season. For the chance to work and learn and heal and grow in such a lovely garden, to send out love and nourishment in the form of nutritious food to so many people; to unite with beautiful, giving animals and learn how to care for and respect them; for the opportunity to live and connect with such a truly wonderful community of companions, working together to accomplish things none of us could do alone. It has been such a blessing to experience fully the wholeness of the farm organism, the full-circle rhythms of the days and the nights, sun and moon and stars, the flow of the seasons on into the next; the ebb and flow of the garden; for all the countless gifts, lessons, challenges; for all the practical skills I will take with me and hope to share with others; for all the GOOD WORK with gentle earth. Thank you for welcoming me into your home, for your teaching and your patience. God’s grace to you always.”
Emily Jane, 2008 Apprentice, Michigan

“What a season! Coming from suburban Midwestern United States, I’d weeded only crab grasses from the lawn, and seen only crops of corn and, recently, soy beans. It has been quite an honor to participate in this project and to witness the farm transform through the days and the seasons! What fun I had playing with those silly old pipes (more so, perhaps in the summer than the cold spring mornings) and de-shooting tomatoes (so satisfying!) and looking for potatoes and, and, and… With great thanks to the Decater family for hospitality and in admiration for this project; looking forward to widespread community support in agriculture and otherwise. Thank you fellow farmers and visitors for your laughter and support and visions and love.”
K Q, 2009 Apprentice, Jenison, Missouri